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Is There Any Good in Leaving Our Children to Work Abroad?

(3 Positive Effects of Living Apart From Our Children That We May Not Realized)

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Leaving a family to seek for a greener pasture is one of the hardest decision a parent could ever made especially mothers. Seeing children crying and begging to please do not go makes one heart feel like it was stabbed many times but chose to be numbed to not to feel the pain ( reason I prefer to go to the Airport alone even mine are already grown up).

Saying goodbye is not an easy thing as the song goes and what is the hardest apart from this moment? Yes, leaving behind our loved ones and living without us for many months is not only a sacrifice but a risk we chose to lay. Fears nestled in our tired minds thinking how are our kids are doing at this moment, have they eaten? Have they studied their lessons? Or are they now on the streets  hanging out with friends on the wee hours of the night which we hope and pray not.

As the days, months pass by while dusting the expensive collections of our employer or while teaching English to our hard-headed students,  we feel then everything is alright  and will realize there are positive effects too from our decision:

  1. Becoming Matured

 Even if they are still young and not easy for them living without us, they will become matured even if at times it is by forced. For sure, they feel the hardships emotionally and physically but this experience will eventually make them realized that living without a mother or father is not what they thought as their freedom (especially to teenagers) and the more will give importance to the hardships such as by studying hard or just by being a good child-this is where their maturity starts.

  1. Responsible

Doing their own stuff especially in the morning when it is supposed us who will prepare the breakfast, ensure that lunch box is filled but because we are not around, they have to wake up early, fix their selves on their own. Clean their room and arranged their things without reminding them as they realized no one will do for them but them. These are steps that will help them grow as a good citizen in the community.

  1. Independent

Realizing they have to do on their own, our children will learn independence that most of us will be surprised when we go home observing they obtained some things, overcome struggles without us. Such as earning on their own being a working student, doing good in school and best of all, living a clean life despite our physical absence in their daily life. It cannot be denied, we Filipinos sometimes (or often?) cared too much that we forgot we make our children dependent. Perhaps, our culture to provide and help the best we can to our children made us but making them independent is important; it is the stage where we ready them to face the world even when we are gone.

I know all 3 did not or will not happen  the easy way to some children even to my own but I believe mine and your decision to work million miles away from our children for their own good will mold them to become a better, strong person. So, cheer up OFW mothers, even if we feel they longed for us, throw that guilt and stay positive and pray always that the Lord will protect us and our family back home.

Does your children learned other positive traits aside from the above while you are away from them? What are those?