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Life is short.Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.- unknown

Traveling or sometimes just paint the whole town red  is one of my armor to combat loneliness with the aid of my only companion- my mobile  Phone. Here we go…

Trip to Koh Samet, Rayong

Working as Customer Relations is I must admit, a mixture of stress and learning. Perhaps, it is one of the reason we have  this perk- trip to Koh Samet Island on August 22-23, 2017.

To go here, you can take bus at Eastern Bus Station (166.00 Baht, air con bus) in  Ekkamai, Bangkok but since this is a company outing, we rented a double decked one. It took us three long hours before we arrived at Ban Phae Nuan Thip Pier to jump for a ferry ride to Koh Samet for 30 minutes. There are many beach resorts to choose in the island. Aside from white sand and clear water, what makes this place great for holidays is the convenience you will experience. You can  rent motorcycle and drive yourself around or by Seung Tiew. It has night life too where a disco pub is just stones throw away from the accommodation.  A buffet breakfast by the beach for only 299.00 Baht  is also offered by the resort and the food is fantastic. Menus are in Western and in Thai. Going home is not a problem as every 1 hour a ferry docks at the Pier. Overall,  the escapade was fun and worth for a comeback. Take a look at some of my photos.

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Songkran- The Biggest Festival In Thailand

Celebrating Thai New Year is indeed an unforgettable experience especially to foreigners. No wonder April has the highest number of tourists coming to Thailand because of this symbolic way of celebration only Thailand has which starts on the 13th to 15th of April. The merry-making begins with temple visits to pay respect with the monks and water pouring on Buddhas as symbol of washing away one’s sin and bad luck. This is where the water gun fighting started. In Bangkok, the celebration is really cool and fun. Thais and tourists joyfully and gamely fired waters to each other.  My photos will tell you more.

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The Golden Mount (Phu Khao Thong)

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The Golden Mount (Wat Saket) is situated in Sattru Phai Distric,t Bangkok near the Grand Palace. It is known for its 80 meter high golden stupa built on top of the hill and one of the sacred destination of Bangkok. Every November, this Buddhist Temple holds one of the biggest celebration of Loy Krathong where the procession of candle lights up to the Golden Mount highlights the celebration.  The panoramic view of the city captivates tourists and one cannot stop but take pictures of the scenic view.

How to Get Here : Take SkyTrain and get off at Ratchathewi Station (N1) (Sukhumvit Line). Take Exit 1 and upon exiting, walk straight ahead 200 m. to Khlong Saen Seab. Catch Long tail boat from pier directly to Phan Fha Pier at Wat Saket. Or from the Grand Palace or Wat Suthat, take public transport to corner of Maha Chai and Ratchadamnern Klang Rd.

Phuket Island Hopping

Phuket is in the southern part of Thailand and the country’s largest island. It is just one hour and a half from Bangkok by  domestic plane at Don Meuang Airport.    A  lively place where first class hotels and beach resorts nestled.  Believe me, your visit in this island will not be complete if you will not avail island hopping.  While sailing, a voice tape is being played giving details to every island.  You  can contact the hotel staff as they have different package tour for  you to experience.

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Noong Nooch Garden, Pattaya City

The largest Botanical Garden in Southeast Asia is in Thailand- Noong nooch in Pattaya City, a 500-hectare garden and a home to different tropical plants. I had my first experience of Elephant ride here and it was so much fun.

How to get here: to Pattaya-take bus from Ekkamai Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok and there is also a bus terminal  at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I suggest you take bus from here if you stay at Jomtien area. When you reached Pattaya, you can hire taxi (must negotiate first otherwise, Drivers will charge higher price. it is recommended to go to this place in group to share the transportation rent. There is also an entrance fee of 500 Baht for foreigners. if you want to experience the Elephant Caravan, another 500 Baht is collected but if you want souvenir photo only with this huge animal creature, the fee is 100 Baht.

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Ruins of Ayutthaya

This Historical Park is 80 kilometers from Bangkok and on the northern part of Thailand. Ruins of Monasteries, Buddhists Temples and other archaeological sites can be seen here. A good place to visit especially photo enthusiasts. My trip to Ayutthaya allows me not only to learn the history of Siam- the old name of Thailand but unleashed my curiosities when I was still a child. My first time to ride an old Railway Train (for 20 Baht only and for 2 hours from Bangkok), my first time to touch a real elephant and first time to buy in a floating market.The experience was great and I consider this trip as the cheapest compared to my other escapades-spent more or less 300 Baht.

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For more of my photos, you can follow me on IG: pinayinbangkok: Captured moments and sites while living in Bangkok. Here we go.

Planning to travel in Bangkok and you need more info, please feel free to contact me by leaving your comment.